May 05, 2017

Photo Diary: It's Gonna Be May (Wroclaw & Enter Shikari)

Excuse this cheesy Justin Timberlake joke in the title of this post. However, every time we jump into May (the month, obviously), this phrase automatically pops up in my head. And knowing the viral nature of this phrase, I know I'm not the only one. The beginning of May is a pleasant time for every person living in Poland because we have a three-day holiday at that time. This year, instead of staying home, my friends & I decided to go to our first festival of 2017 that took place in Wroclaw. Taking my big-ass camera with me would be a stupid move, so I used my iPhone to take pictures. The reason there aren't that many of them is that we've been in a constant rush or we've had so much fun, we didn't even think about taking our phones out of the pockets. Oh, check out the last (biggest) photo. I'm really proud of it! *fishing for the compliments like a professional fisherman*

I've been to Wroclaw many times and the first impression I've ever got was: it's an ugly place to be. I have to take that back. Actually, when we stepped out of the train, I realised that I've never seen this city in a daylight and apparently, the lighting was an important factor for my judgement. This city looks just stunning in the sun. THEM PASTELS, MAN!

I don't know if I have written this here before but Enter Shikari are my favourite band (I'm pretty vegan about them). Every time they announce a show Poland, I'll be there for sure. And this show was not an exception. To be honest, the line up for this day was pretty good, (the likes of The Cranberries, Dog Eat Dog and Lacuna Coil) but not good enough for me to spend more than two hours in a train. So yeah, again, Shikari made me do it.
I won't give you a precised and objective review of this show because I'm kind of biased but I can tell you this was one of the greatest throwback a former scene kid can experience. This time, they came to Poland to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their first full-length release, Take To The Skies. Knowing that they're going to be on stage for less than an hour, we didn't expect to hear much of that album. Actually, they didn't play the songs I was hoping to hear but hearing "Adieu" for the first time live has made it up for me. If you're a sucker for anything acoustic like I am, you'd love this song. Now I'm sad I can't make it to the other dates of this tour.

After Enter Shikari, we've seen The Cranberries but I haven't taken a single picture during their show. I have always admired Dolores O’Riordan's voice but the whole performance was really boring to me. However, hearing one of the all time classics which is Zombie is some sort of an achievement.  I have also been to Dog Eat Dog's show for a short while because we had to catch the train back home. So I've heard 5 or 6 songs and one of them was No Fronts along with the sickest bassline and I'm very okay with this fact. Dog Eat Dog ain't nuthin to fuk with.

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