January 17, 2017

Astronaut Overboard 2.0

Aloha! I'd like to warmly welcome you on Astronaut Overboard. Been a long time, huh? 

I've launched this 2.0 version because I wasn't really satisfied with the previous content on this blog, which was one big linsey-woolsey and my aesthetic choices made me cringe to the point I lost my desire to blog. And how could I give up one of the most inherent parts of my life (I've been blogging since 2005)? Following this "new year, new me" rule, I've made a decision to delete all of the post, change the design and start all over. I hope it will work out this time. Wish me luck. And thanks to the new Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes record for being there with me when I spent crazy amount of hours designing this theme.

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